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Terminal block module, relay module, optocoupler isolation module, signal isolation module, communication isolation module, communication I/O extension module, EtherCAT bus, CAN OPEN bus, RTX bus, Profinet NET bus, CC-LINK bus

Industrial automation total solution providerFocus on quick connect modules, bus modules, automation engineering

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◎ solidarity Sustainable manufacturing quality to improve customer satisfaction.

Business philosophy:
◎ technological innovation, honesty
◎ go all out, rapid response, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Quality Concept:
◎ awareness of the product made of fine!
◎ waste product is defective!
◎ character to the product, the product reflects the character, the product is the character!

Team concept:
◎ unity and hard work, never climbed the peak.
◎ Enterprise and the Enterprise of the competition is team competition, team competition and team competition in overall capacity.

Learning concept:
◎ capacity and capacity of the competition is the learning ability of the competition.
◎ competitiveness depends on innovation, creativity depends on learning ability.
◎ The only competitive advantage to our future than our competitors is that we learn faster and learn more, learn better! Learning to plan ahead, to completion of assessment, the use of after school
◎ three types of learning attitude: humility and long-term mentality, the mentality of learning and a learning

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