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What is the application of modular design in the Donglaier signal isolators?
Time:2018-07-12    Hits:84
The signal isolators (signal isolation modules) are generally composed of four parts: an input signal processing unit (voltage limiting, overcurrent, surge protection), an isolation unit, an output signal unit, and a power supply. Although the signal isolators in practical applications are basically composed of the above four units, the types and numbers of isolator inputs and outputs are different, forming a wide variety of models. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, enterprises need to produce Various types of signal isolators, and more and more models of isolators make the production burden of the enterprise worse; at the same time, the small number of varieties makes the delivery cycle longer and longer, which also increases the cost of commissioning inspection. These circumstances have seriously hindered the marketing of isolator products. In response to this situation, through a large number of investigations and careful analysis, we have developed a modular design method to divide the signal isolator and safety barrier into several functional modules, which better solve the above problems.

The modular design method of the signal isolator greatly solves the pressure of product processing, debugging, aging, inventory, significantly shortens the delivery time of the product, and the consistency of the product is better and the quality is improved.
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