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Inertial attitude sensor helps wind power "post market" era
Time:2018-07-12    Hits:104
Inertial attitude sensor helps wind power
On June 13-14, 2018, the 5th China Wind Power Aftermarket Symposium was held in Shanghai. More than 200 representatives from wind power developers, machine manufacturers, professional operation and maintenance enterprises and scientific research institutions gathered together, and East Lyle also attended the meeting, and talked with colleagues in the post-market industry. topic. Focusing on the theme of “Innovation Drives Smart Future”, the conference is devoted to exploring the exchange of operation and maintenance experience and innovative services, promoting the healthy and orderly development of the market after wind power, and collaborating.

Nowadays, the scale of wind power applications is growing at a large scale, and how to achieve efficient operation management is particularly important. Operation and maintenance, spare parts supply, component repair, technical optimization and other aspects are also in urgent need of perfect integration with market demand. All this means that China's wind power development will formally enter the "post market" era. Faced with this huge change, the wind power industry needs to actively promote innovation and use new technologies and new models to achieve win-win cooperation.

Ecological cooperation and industrial synergy will become the inevitable development of the wind power industry. Whole machine manufacturers, third-party service providers, independent service providers and spare parts suppliers will further cooperate with each other in the process of industry development to form a shared and win-win post-service ecosystem. Integrated control of multiple energy sources and multiple devices has become a trend. In the field of post-market operation and maintenance, the establishment of a unified data standard management system and a professional integrated sharing platform have become an industry necessity.

As a professional manufacturer of inertial attitude sensors in China, East Lyle Sensor is committed to the development and manufacturing of tilt monitoring sensors. In the aspect of fan tilt monitoring, it mainly includes the sway tilt monitoring of the upper tower of the wind turbine and the uneven settlement monitoring of the lower tower of the wind turbine. And provide overall maintenance solutions for clean energy and energy saving.

When the tower of the wind turbine tower is tilted, the tilt sensor can be placed in the tower tower of the lower tower of the wind turbine. When monitoring the foundation tilt, the instrument can be placed on the base surface to reflect and analyze the degree of change of the fan tilt with the horizontal tilt angle change of the lower tower or base surface of the measured wind turbine. BWS2700 is a high-precision inclinometer manufactured by Donglaier Sensing, with resolution of 0.0005°, accuracy of 0.001°, temperature drift: 0.0007°/°C, wide voltage operation, range selection, output rate optional, very flexible and convenient. .

The tower swing on the tower of the wind turbine belongs to the low-frequency swing. Due to the complicated structure of the wind turbine and the mutual influence of various components, coupled with the coupling effect of the external wind load, the collected signal contains a lot of noise, so the signal needs to be low-pass filtered. . For the application of the tower swing on the wind turbine, a dynamic tilt sensor can be used to reduce the influence of noise during dynamics through the combination of gyroscope, accelerometer and Kalman filter, and to measure the attitude of the wind turbine during swing and vibration. The East Lyle VG527 Dynamic Inclination Sensor is a high performance inertial measurement device that measures the attitude parameters (roll and pitch) of the motion carrier. The attitude deviation is optimally estimated by a 6-state Kalman filter with appropriate gain.
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