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Application of angle sensor on servo cylinder
Time:2018-07-12    Hits:94
The servo cylinder is composed of a servo valve and a cylinder. After the servo valve receives the electric signal, the spool is driven to distribute the oil, and then the valve seat is distributed to reciprocate the cylinder.
         The servo cylinder is divided into a linear servo cylinder and a swing servo cylinder. The linear servo cylinder is equipped with a pressure sensor and a linear displacement sensor. The swing cylinder is equipped with a torque sensor or an angular displacement sensor. The pressure sensor is installed on the oil passage. The main installation point has an oil source outlet and The two chambers of the cylinder AB. In some new servo oscillating cylinders, the angle sensor is placed at the left end of the servo oscillating cylinder, and the coupling is connected to the servo oscillating cylinder by a coupling, and is covered by the cover to be integrated. Not only is the structure compact, the size is small, and the user does not have to consider how to install the angle sensor when using the user, and is convenient to use.
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