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Learning to be open-minded and arguing as a connector insider
Time:2018-07-12    Hits:91
Learning to be open-minded and arguing as a connector insider
Nowadays production and production have developed, and the application of special electronic devices and digital technology has increasingly brought convenience to the use of connectors, and it has become a completely inseparable thing. The connector is small, but the effect is particularly large. If it leaves at the crucial moment, nothing can be done. The decisive role is also destined to increase people's attention to it.
Insiders know that connector production is now more and more professional, and as a completely independent industry, has a very broad development prospects, the market is also very good, is a very promising industry. But to be ordinary people, it is not necessary to know too much professional knowledge. It is very important to understand some basics. This is beneficial to guide our production and life, avoid unnecessary unnecessary troubles, and also Let's make our life production more convenient. In fact, it may be more difficult to be a professional, but it is quite simple to be a person who can't talk nonsense. Learning makes people progress.

The connector acts as a bridge for the connection of electrical source components. Its main function can be described by two words, that is, transmission, the content of transmission can be current or signal, but it does not have the function of processing information, just like our usual Like the wires, it only conducts current and does not convert the energy of the current. It is equally important to have a different division of labor.
When we understand the basics of the connector, we must remember that it has three basic performances. If we judge the quality of these three basic performances, we need to master the content of ordinary people, learn to identify in multiple brands and models, choose At the same time, we have to pick out the products that are suitable for our own use. We must also pick out those products that are inferior to cut corners. Only then can we be considered as non-professional, and even the high-tech content of the experts can not know why, only know that It is.
How a person's living ability is the standard for testing people's basic survival, IQ is higher, and there are more and more. It is generally only in individual fields. For those who are new to connectors, it should be learned from scratch. Learn new professional knowledge, openly ask senior connector practitioners, and strive to be an insider.
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