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Angle sensor construction and application
Time:2018-07-12    Hits:98
The angle sensor not only uses the mathematics of multiplication and division in the program, but also needs more attention (the content will be discussed further in Chapter 12).
Using an angle sensor to control your wheels can indirectly reveal obstacles.
Angle sensor construction
Running, and the gear does not turn, indicating that your machine has been blocked by obstacles. This technique is very simple to use and very effective; the only requirement is that the moving wheels cannot slip on the floor (or too many times), otherwise you will not be able to detect obstacles. This problem can be avoided if an idling gear is connected to the motor. This wheel is not driven by the motor but is driven by the movement of the device: during the rotation of the drive wheel, if the idler stops, you are experiencing obstacles. Things are gone.
Angle sensors are very useful in many situations: controlling the position of the arm, head and other moving parts. It is important to note that RCX is affected by accurate detection and counting when running too slowly or too fast. In fact, the problem is not in the RCX, but in its operating system. If the speed is beyond its specified range, the RCX will lose some data. SteveBaker has experimentally proved that the speed is between 50 and 300 rpm, which is a suitable range, and there will be no data loss problem. However, in the range of less than 12 rpm or more than 1400 rpm, there is a problem that some data is lost. While in the range of 12 rpm to 50 rpm or 300 rpm to 1400 rpm, RCX occasionally has a problem of data loss.
Angle sensor in military applications
The well-known artillery is a projectile weapon that uses a gunpowder gas pressure and other energy to project a projectile with a caliber equal to or greater than 20 mm. Artillery usually consists of two parts: the gun body and the gun frame. As early as 1332, China’s Yuan Dynasty was equipped with the earliest metal body guns in the army: bronze fire. Artillery usually consists of two parts: the gun body and the gun frame. When the artillery is fired, the requirements for the inclination of the cannon are very high. The digital quadrant designed by the angle sensor can obviously improve the speed of the correction of the cannon and reduce the operation difficulty.
The angle sensor provides maximum assistance as the accuracy of the projectile launch. Everyone knows that the artillery body tube is used to give the initial velocity and flight direction of the projectile. The turret is used to fill the projectile. The breech block is used to close the cannon and fire the projectile. Nowadays, the gun mount is composed of anti-rear device, steering gear, high and low machine, aiming device, large frame and moving body, angle sensor, etc., and the anti-rear device is used to ensure the reset after the artillery projectile is fired. The steering machine and the high and low machine are used to ensure After the artillery shell fired the projectile, the steering gear and the high and low machine were used to manipulate the direction and height of the gun body. The aiming device consisted of an angle sensor, an aiming tool and a sighting mirror, which were used to set the gun firing data, perform aiming shooting, large frame and movement. The body is used to support the artillery when shooting, and as a gun when marching.
Series tilt angles, angle sensors, distance sensors, accelerometers, and digital compasses for measuring orientation, electronic compasses and gyroscopes have been widely used in petroleum, coal, steel, marine, tunnel, medical equipment, dams, machinery, geophysical exploration. Instruments, geology, geotechnical, petroleum, mining, pipelines, inclined conduits, railways, ports, water conservancy, high-rise buildings, wall caves, mines, tunnels, docks, anti-slide piles and sheet piles, coal mines, dynamic impact experiments, geology, Satellite GPS system, Feng Shui, off-road vehicle, navigation, laboratory equipment, digital level, medical, mechanical leveling, angle measurement and monitoring, automotive, crane motion detection, rehabilitation system, bioengineering system, virtual reality, reality amplification, sports , inertial navigation system, human attitude measurement industrial machinery, motorcycle gyroscope, fiber optic, guidance, balance, steering, direction measurement, dynamic tracking, strapdown, inertia, navigation, azimuth, angular velocity, velocity, mechanical, blast, measurement And other industries.
Typical applications:
- Geography: landslides, avalanches.
- Civil: dam, building, bridge, toy, alarm, transportation
-Industrial: cranes, hangers, harvesters, cranes, tilt compensation for weighing systems, asphalt machines. Paving machines, etc.
- Train: Tilt measurement of high-speed train bogies and passenger cars
- Maritime: trim and roll control, tanker control, antenna position control.
- Drilling: Precision drilling tilt control.
-Mechanical: tilt control, large mechanical alignment control, bending control, crane
- Military: Artillery and radar adjustment, initial position control, navigation system, military landing platform control.
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