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Environmental protection is still the theme of the cable market
Time:2018-07-18    Hits:97
Environmental protection is still the theme of the cable market
In view of the fact that conventional wire and cable are more polluting than environmentally friendly cables, a large amount of toxic substances such as dioxins, lead, cadmium and halides are inevitable during manufacturing, use and disposal. It is now less and less used by developed countries. Especially after the EU has specially formulated the ROHS directive, the European countries, the United States, Japan and other countries have higher and higher environmental requirements for the cable products they use. They have banned the use or import of non-environmental cables. It is precisely because of this, the development of eco-friendly cables and their large-scale adoption have become the mainstream of the current international.

    Although according to the current situation, China's environmental protection cable development is lagging behind in foreign countries, it is still steadily moving forward in line with the green trend, and is constantly striving to develop and improve the market for environmentally friendly cables. On April 18, 2012, one of the key projects of Zhejiang's block industry standardization, the environmentally friendly cable alliance standard, passed the acceptance smoothly, which also marks a major step forward in the development of environmental standards in China. 

    As we all know, wire and cable have now penetrated into all areas of our lives, providing us with unlimited convenience and a lot of harmful substances such as dioxins, lead, cadmium and halides. These substances are also seriously affecting the environment around us. The environmentally friendly cable has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, high-safety and reliability for humans and the environment, and has a long service life, easy to split and recycle, and the eco-friendly cable will also be Become the new darling of the future cable market.

    In fact, apart from the ban on the use of non-environmental cables in developed countries, China also attaches great importance to this field. China has long had relevant laws and regulations that require important buildings to ban the use of PVC wire and cable. It is necessary to use halogen-free low-smoke cross-linked polyolefin insulated wire and cable to avoid the large amount of smoke generated during the fire. Chlorine gas harms the human body and avoids a large number of casualties. At present, there are relevant regulations in major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. In large buildings or public places, cable products that are not environmentally friendly cables such as PVC cannot be used. For buildings with a height of more than 100 meters, low-smoke and halogen-free A-class flame-retardant cables must be used. The height of the building is as high as 100 meters high-rise buildings and less than 100 meters of civil buildings, such as hospitals, public entertainment places, underground shopping malls, libraries, stations, supermarkets, terminals and office buildings. Smoke-free low-halogen flame-retardant cables should be used in places such as the same.

    Environmentally-friendly cables will effectively drive the rapid development of the cable industry, enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and in the green practice and innovation, the cable industry can go further and further on the road of sustainable development.
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