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Talking about the theme and content of 2018 wire and cable exhibition
Time:2018-07-18    Hits:89
At present, electric energy is already one of the essential energy sources in our lives, and our technology and society are constantly improving. We are constantly deepening our understanding of our old friend. With the introduction of strategies and guidelines for the development of new electric energy in recent years, major wire and cable exhibitions are also a hundred schools. Let's take a look at what's in the 2017 latest show.
    The grid is the cornerstone of all power systems. It is estimated that by 2020, the transmission capacity of special high-voltage and cross-region power grid will reach 210 million kW, and the market share of special high-voltage AC and DC will also increase significantly, reaching RMB 406 billion. Large-scale power generation projects and the transformation of urban power grids all have an urgent need for ultra-high voltage cross-linked cables.
    Rail transit wire and cable is the nugget point for the cable industry. The city's rail transit will continue to grow at a level of 25,000 to 3,000 vehicles per year. The annual market size will reach 150 to 20 billion yuan. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the nation will build new projects. The railway will not be less than 23,000 kilometers, and the planned total investment will not be less than 2.8 trillion yuan.
    Aerospace wire and cable is a flying "Chinese Dream" cable. In the next five years, China will be committed to producing about 5,000 to 6,000 aircraft of various types; by 2030, China needs 2,000 to 3,000 large civilian passenger aircraft, and it is expected that the annual production capacity will reach 150. The demand for aviation cables is about 40,000 kilometers per year. This will be a very large number and a good opportunity for the development of the cable industry.
    5G will be a hot spot for investment in the future. China plans to conduct 5G network testing and launch various types of experiments on 5G applications in a timely manner during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and strive to officially deploy 5G commercial networks by 2020 to open the real 5G era. The development of communication cables and fiber optic cables has provided a good opportunity. Helping it run faster and better, is beneficial and protects its good development trend. The real 5G era is coming, are you ready?
    New energy vehicles, humans under the green life trend. At present, the problem of charging has seriously restricted the slow pace of development of new energy vehicles. In the future, the demand for charging cables for electric vehicles will be further expanded and has to be expanded.
    Wire and Cable Exhibition has always been committed to exploring the hotspots of the market, discovering the needs of the market, and dedicating to the exhibitors and the audience to create a first-class communication platform for the wire and cable industry, to achieve a seamless connection between supply and demand, providing professional and high quality. Exhibition service! The fundamental idea is that as long as it is an exhibition that can help exhibitors and buyers to achieve the perfect splicing of demand, it is really a good exhibition, a meaningful exhibition!
    The above is the summary of the latest exhibition in 2017. The exhibitions of all walks of life have been inseparable from one topic in recent years, that is, environmental protection. At present, the development of the global environment has been paid more and more attention, so what kind of reconciliation will the wire and cable industry make? let us wait and see! Finally, please scan the WeChat public number at the bottom of our website to follow us. You can leave a message to talk about your views on energy and environmental protection. We will discuss and discuss with you in the next column.
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