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What are the factors to consider in the terminal block installation environment?
Time:2018-07-18    Hits:93
The environment in which the terminal block is used needs to be considered. What are the main considerations? The following small series will talk for you;

The installation location needs to take into account the commissioning and maintenance of the wires. Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the wires frequently. In order to facilitate the disassembly and assembly between the wires, more space and order are needed. The electrical box or circuit board is a whole, and the product can be used on the circuit board. If the circuit board fails, the wire can be easily detected, so that it is not necessary to disassemble the entire circuit board for inspection.

When the number of connected wires is relatively large, the ends of the product can be inserted into the wires, and can be fastened or loosened by screws, which is suitable for a large number of wire interconnections, but it should be noted that there is enough space to make the wires The connection of time does not appear abnormal. If the wire diameter is relatively large, it is not convenient to connect, you can choose the appropriate terminal block, so that you can access the large wire diameter and protect the wire from damage.

The above is the point that the terminal block needs to pay attention to in the installation environment, I hope to help you.
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