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Directly hit 3.15 "How to ensure the quality of cable products"
Time:2018-07-18    Hits:105
Directly hit 3.15
The so-called "details determine success or failure" in the cable production industry. The details often determine the quality of the products produced, and the quality of the products determines how far a company can go. But last year was also around this time around "3.15", Xi'an Metro Okay "problem cable" incident is still vivid, shocking. As if overnight, the "hidden rules" that have been lurking in the cable industry for many years have become the talks of people in the streets and lanes. I really can't imagine what kind of influence this is, but unfortunately not positive.
       After that, perhaps the relevant departments that were as shocked as the people have been conducting quality supervision and inspection for several months, and the products and cable companies have never let go. Under the rigorous investigation, many cable companies closed their doors and closed their business. Under this severe attack, the atmosphere in the industry has indeed improved a lot.
       But now many companies have this idea, for example: Allowing a few bad, accidental flaws is inevitable; quality is the responsibility of the quality control department; only pay attention to product inspection, inspection personnel need to be responsible for solving defective products; The problem is that it is a matter of the quality department. However, in fact, only in every part of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and work instructions, can ensure the quality of cable products. The quality department can't decide whether the quality of the product is good or bad. That is to say, if the process control is neglected, it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the cable product only by inspection. Because the quality inspection can only eliminate the defective products and waste products, it is impossible to improve. Cable product quality. This is to tell everyone that the focus of quality control must not be placed after the fact, but must be placed in the manufacturing phase, the production process.

       If enterprises want to develop, they will definitely pay attention to the cost of production. However, cost and quality are closely related. If the quality is good, the cost of the product can be minimized, but if the quality of the product is not good, it will often be met by customers. With a return complaint, the cost will naturally remain high.

       In fact, in the final analysis, the quality of cable manufacturers must be fundamentally grasped, and must not be slack. The quality of the cable is not checked out, but produced by the manufacturer. Good cable manufacturers, the cost is naturally low, because their products are first-class, users bought back and bought. Once the time is long, there is trust between each other, and the gap with other manufacturers is getting farther and farther.
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