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Position control cable corresponding to Misubishi Q seriesModel:L112-8/L112-9



Designs for position control module QD75P.
Corresponding to position control terminal blocks S066 & S067. can realize a comprehensive connection between position control module and drive, then minimize the probability to connect cables in wrong way.

■  Cable Specifications
Gauger Specifications AWG28
Wire Constitute 7/0.12MM²
Conductor material 软铜线
Insulation Material PE
Twist and polishing 填允:棉线;包带;纸带
Appearance condition coating PVC
Conductor impedance( 20°C ) 239Ω/Kn 以下
Withstanding Voltage AC500V/min
Insulation resistance 500MΩ/Kn 以上

■  Dimensions
Model Cable specification Dimensions CN1 CN2 Lenght(mm)
L112-8 AWG 28 37P/MIL 40P/MIL 500~1000~1500
NOTES:the minimum cable is 500mm,and 500mm for increasing if need.
L112-9 AWG 28 37P/MIL 40P/MIL
·On the drawing, CN1 refers to PLC, CN2 refers to terminal Woa 
·Tolerance of overall length is ±30mm

■  Holes arrangement table
Model Corresponding to CN1*¹ Corresponding to CN2 Notes
Manufactures PLC Module Corresponding Terminal Blocks¹
L112-8 MITSUBISHI QX81  QX81-S2 S011 S063 Utilizes external original
L112-9 MITSUBISHI QY81P S011  S063  SR32-PA1A-24  SE32-24 Utilizes Z+/-signal
*1 All ihe products mentioned on the table are owned by Company, and please refer to the comprehensive catalogue for the relative specifications of S series products.

■  Wiring Diagram 

■  Holes arrangement table

Please note:
The right arrangement table is the order standard of SUNCIO, and different companies have different hole orders, please check it before use
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