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Optical coupling isolation type dc solid state relay Q510Model:Q510



Input/output optical coupling isolation;
High responsiveness;
High temperature self protection;
NPN signal input; PNP signal output.

■  note
·Before ordering, please confirm the load type and size, choose the suitable way to control.
·Contact protection scheme, please refer to this chapter products,
·When PLC connection, pleose be sure to use the compony developed and the corr esponding special cable.

■  Parts detail parameters
欧式接线端子 Body Material PA66V-0防火等级 Authenticate
Terminal Material 磷铜 Rated current 10A
Plating 镀锡 Torque 0.4NM(3.5lb-in)
端子主体 Body Material PA66V-0防火等级 Authenticate
Cover Material PC V-0防火等级 Fixing screws Material SUS304
Fasteners PC V-0防火等级 PCB board material FR-4

■  Selection reference
Type Q510 Q510-1 Q510-2 Q510-3
Description Negative input Negative input Positive input Positive input
Negative output Positive output Negative output Positive output

■  Suitable wire

■  Specifications
input Side Nominal coil voltage 12V-24V DC
Nominal operating current 7.5mA
Exit Side Maximum voltage rating 15-30VDC
Continuous working current ≤2A
Instantaneous maximum current 5A
The largest operating frequency 50K HZ
The maximum pressure drop (temperature- 40~100*C) 1.3-3.5V
Insulation resistance 1014Ω
Isolation voltage 3750Vrms
Conduction time (10-90%) 15ns
Turn-off time (10~90%) 8ns
Maximum temperature rise 100℃ ※1

Note:※1 When the body temperature of 100℃, disconnect the output signal from protection, temperature drop after the next trigger when conducting again.

■  Range of Application

Used in industrial automation equipment, computer peripheral interface equipment, constant temperature system, temperature control,motor control,IHifnerical control machine, remote control system,Industrial automation equipment.

■  Dimensions

■  Wiring Diagram

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